Jane Gosney    FRSA FSLL



Jane has contributed features to a number of design journals including the Art and Architecture Journal , Architecture Today, Light, Lighting Design and regularly lectures.Jane constantly refers to daylight and the artists who like her enjoyed both Yorkshire and Cornwall as being part of her inspiration. Her book Reflections on Light, illustrated with her own photographs, draws heavily on these themes. Her contribution to The Patten People series New Horizons was recently published.

In an interview with Marion Hancock for the Architects’ Journal Jane talks about her early interests “I’ve always been excited by the interplay of transparency and form - early in my career I made furniture with inset glass pieces and I’ve done a lot of photography of sculpture – Barbara Hepworth’s especially because of their holes and hollows, the light passing through them and the shadows they make” .

When writing for Lighting Design Jane’s feelings are clear about natural light “I have chosen to reflect on what inspires me as a designer when I work. For me knowledge of the tools (for electric lighting effects) is essential but my primary inspiration is in the sky. The natural light provides the ultimate variety of moods and the colours in the sky make a dramatic palette” . Urban skylines and nature, inland moors and the sea are her “Horizons”.