Jane Gosney    FRSA FSLL


Jane's visits to The Peaks and Cornwall have provided her with a rich portfolio of images of nature. In London she had started to experiment with designs derived from photographs which she digitally enhanced. The techniques were applied to architectural projects in central London for an office reception area. Super enlarged images on canvas created a bold statement. Flora from the moors and ropes from the coast are other subjects.

Design education is important to Jane as a practitioner. Jane's images of light are used to illustrate her lectures. Supported by her work in new media she enjoys exploring the themes of innovation in design and technology for sustainable design and green issues. She has spoken at events at the RIBA, Business Design Centre, Serpentine Gallery and across the UK."Painting with Light" www. Society for Curious Thought

Since leaving London Jane has developed another side to her work using digital media in the field of art and applied design. Her recent collection of work is produced from site specific images modified and printed on a variety of media. There are works on dress fabric, art canvas and transparent media to make acrylic hangings.

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